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SolaraGuy.com • View topic - How is your Gen 2/2.5 holding up?
Stock talk about the Generation 2 and 2.5 Toyota Solara which was released in 2004-2007

How is your Gen 2/2.5 holding up?

Re: How is your Gen 2/2.5 holding up?

Postby FLUXEMAG » Thu Jan 19, 2012 1:46 pm

I bought my 05 SE Sport new and drove it for 100k miles in 6 years. When I got my new G37 my wife took over the 'lara. When I stopped driving it, there were only a few minor issues.

-The driver's seat was showing some discoloration in the black fabric, fading a little.
-The window tint was starting to go bad all around.
-The floor mats were beat, with my heel actually working a hole all the way to the metal.
-The lights in the AC control switches are burned out.

My wife was out of town this week so I thought I would take the old girl for a spin a few times. There were many new scratches, dings and scrapes on the outside, so first things first I did a light detail job on the entire car. Got the headlights cleared up with the magic headlight stuff from Maguires (plastX). Most of the scratches buffed out pretty easily with wax. I just need to get the car re-tinted and get some new OEM mats. The one thing I'm not so sure about is that the car feels way down on power. Like maybe a spark plug has gone and I'm on 5 cylinders. At 106k miles she's about due for new plugs, so we'll give that a shot. But it no longer has the TRD muffler and injen intake when I was driving it so who knows maybe it's just a false impression.
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Re: How is your Gen 2/2.5 holding up?

Postby Xtrios » Thu Jan 26, 2012 12:09 pm

2006 SE with 106k miles. Door panels show wear, some rattles hear and there. I've only changed the breaks, tires and battery and still runs very strong, not one issue. I don't know if I should change the spark plugs since it runs so smooth and nothing is wrong with it.
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Re: How is your Gen 2/2.5 holding up?

Postby dougdangger » Wed Aug 22, 2012 8:34 am

Hello folks.

My 05 with 52,000 miles is still running good. Only problems I had to fix were:

Blown front passenger strut. Replaced both front with KYB oem specs.
One of the OEM alloy was bent so I had to replace all 4s with 18" alloys with P-Zeros
A/C button looks like the color is flaking off - eye sore but works fine
Had to replace the front pads 2X and rear 1X since new.
Right rear passenger seat is starting to tear
Front passenger window assembly, a bolt came loose and the window was stuck. I opened the panel, found the bolt, put it back and tightened it and was good as new.

New tasks ahead:
Front pads are due
Tranny flush
Coolant flush
Parking brake adjustment

Other than that the car is in great condition. With L.A. traffic I average 22mpg and easily gets 32mpg on road trips. At first I wanted to sell it since I have a little one and mounting the baby seat in the back was a PITA. But I figure the car payments I'm saving can go to a college fund for the little guy. When it starts having major problems then I might get a Highlander or a Sienna.
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Re: How is your Gen 2/2.5 holding up?

Postby Black Bob » Wed Aug 22, 2012 9:36 am

^^^At first I was wondering why you had to change the pads on a 52k mile 'Lara TWICE but then I see those two words: "L.A. traffic" and that explains it all. That being said, a friend's wife here in Ohio seems to need new pads every 4 years because she drives two-footed.....I swear, how he can be married to a woman that drives her Lexus RX like a go-kart is beyond me--he makes her park the RX outside the garage because the brakes sometimes stinks up the whole house when it's usually in the ATTACHED garage. Oh the things some guys do for 50+ year-old trophy wives.
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Re: How is your Gen 2/2.5 holding up?

Postby sle-pur » Wed Aug 22, 2012 7:55 pm

we bought our 05 sle in october 08 with 55k miles on it, just rolled 81k about two weeks ago, i had a leaky valve cover gasket, serpentine belt replace, plugs, and injen intake done. oh and pads and rotors due to the salty air down here in destin, fl. other than that its a bulletproof car. with a little one on the way (next week hopefully), my wife and i traded cars so she is driving my tahoe and ive got the solara now, been modifying it and enjoying life having to fill up every 5-6 weeks. awesome, tahoe lasts maybe a week or two.
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Re: How is your Gen 2/2.5 holding up?

Postby JoBu » Fri Aug 30, 2013 3:48 am

2004 SE coupe with 168,000 miles on it. Love the car but VERY disappointed with the dash. It cracked about 80,000 miles ago. Not just on the top...the entire dash as far down as the radio/AC controls. Mechanically, it has been amazing. I had a bulb go out on the driver's side headlight this week. Other than normal maintenance items (battery, tires, etc) I've had zero issues with it.

Other than the dash, my only regret is that I tried to buy my Solara on the cheap. Wish I had spent the extra coin for a ragtop.
I hope that when I die, people will say of me, "Gee, that guy sure owed me a lot of money"... J. Handy

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Re: How is your Gen 2/2.5 holding up?

Postby crispone » Fri Aug 30, 2013 7:56 pm

My '04 SE Sport is in the possession of a local buddy and he drives the living snot out of it! (AND the stereo!) Runs GREAT, has something like 160+ thousand miles. Still in GREAT shape... a few bumps, squeaks and rattles in the suspension, etc... only a VERY SMALL little crack in one spot on the dash... almost undetectable.

Miss that car... still driving the '07 Acura TL Type-S, '11 Tundra and '89 Turbo Supra and bikes.

It's all good.

-crisp :evilbat:
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Re: How is your Gen 2/2.5 holding up?

Postby CosmicGrooves » Sun Feb 23, 2014 1:01 pm

Good info, Black Bob! I've been suspecting a front strut problem. I replaced the upper dog bone engine mount, thinking it was a motor mount issue. But when I go over a speed bump, there a huge thump... or a KABANG (would be a better word) coming from front passenger wheel. I've also noticed it being a little slippery around the corners where it shouldn't be.

I'm at 106k miles now and need to do a good tune up all over.

Besides what I've already listed, the air conditioner knob light burned out. Just the driver side knob. I hadn't gotten around to replacing it.

The battle scars are adding up. I'd love to get it painted and dings taken out.

The rear sway bar I put in used to only sweek in the cold, now it squeeks like an old chevy. I needa grease it up and make sure the bolts still tight.

Oh, and I'm due for 2nd set of brake pads. I'm finding the factory pads lasting me about 50k miles. Not too bad, I don't think. This will be only the second time I've needed pads.

Needing my 100k tune up stuff like belts-n-things.

For the most part, the car has been excellent with very little and few issues. The car has never let me down from excessive high speeds to off road tactical maneuvers.
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Re: How is your Gen 2/2.5 holding up?

Postby sidorg » Fri May 01, 2015 7:16 pm

I bought my 2004 Solara V6 SLE (Oceanus Pearl) in 2005 with 10K miles.

I have 160K now. The interior is in great shape, except for the drivers seat which has a fair amount of wear, but only one small hole in the upper side bolster where I get in and out.

The exterior is in good shape, the cars been re-painted and/or blended everywhere except for the roof, after being in some minor accidents that damaged the left, right and rear. I have a few small chips, no rust on the body, but some of the chips look like they may be starting to rust, so gotta fix those soon.

In terms of what I've done to the car....

1) Put in a remote starter, was a good learning experience, took a weekend.
2) Two sets of front and rear pads and rotors (just recently did the rears again)
3) 100K Service - tranny flush with new filter, front wheel bearing
4) Battery somewhere along the way
5) 150K - replaced all shocks/struts with new strut assemblies purchased off Ebay. Car was riding rough before this. Total costs with install was around $700
6) 152K - replaced sway bar bushing in back due to noise over bumps. $300
7) 156K - top engine mount, steering rack - $400
8) 157K - entire exhaust system, cat back from the engine - $750 parts and labor. Car runs noticeably better after the new exhaust system was put on.

Have never replaced the spark plugs. Should've done at 100K, but the car has run with no issues, and the cost to replace would be almost $400.

Overall, a great car, and plan to run it until the wheels fall off. Current picture below.

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Re: How is your Gen 2/2.5 holding up?

Postby 350TPI » Mon Aug 03, 2015 8:11 am

A bit over a year ago i got my 04 SLE V6.I bought it with 237,000 miles but it was in great shape inside and out plus the price was very good.l have replaced lower control arms and the sway bar end links.I had the timing belt/water pump done when i first got it.Also i have done the dogbone,new battery,drivers side CV axle (my fault on that),etc.I have driven this car on long distances with the wife,2 kids and a ton of crap in the trunk in pure comfort.This has been a great car and i hope to still be driving her at 350,000 miles.
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Re: How is your Gen 2/2.5 holding up?

Postby NewShockerGuy » Fri Mar 18, 2016 10:57 pm

Wife has a 2007 Solara convertible SE.

I've done the following to it.

Air filters
Transmission fluid/filter/gasket
Normal 5k oil changes
Timing belt/cam seals/crank seal/plenum gasket/spark plugs (since everything was already apart), and water pump.

*Steering rack was leaking so I replaced that a year or so ago $350.

She has had the pads replaced once, they are probably due here before next inspection.

I have a lift in the garage so all work was preformed by me. I can't imagine what a shop would have charged for the timing belt/seals and water pump. I know she had a quote for 1500 for the steering rack.

Car has been good. Interior has faded due to sun, and convertible top is now showing small pin holes so that will need to be replaced...

This is hysterical on a new level, just as I posted this I noticed her steering rack was leaking AGAIN... Looked like somehow the boot got a hole and let crap in... car's on the lift and I'll have a new steering rack by Wednesday... what a PITA to install... not difficult, but the way they have the sway bar makes it such a pain.

Overall it's a nice car and so far has been good. I believe she has about 150k miles on it.

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Re: How is your Gen 2/2.5 holding up?

Postby DriDed » Thu Feb 14, 2019 11:03 pm

I used to have a Gen II Solara but I sold it years ago to get a C5 Corvette, then the Corvette had problems so I traded it for a 2017 Corolla, which I traded it for a 2018 Ford Mustang Ecoboost.

The lady that bought my Gen II Solara is still driving it, she is my co worker; still looks good and runs well after 15 years.
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