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Post your Toyota Solara Gen 2 items up for sale or where to buy. The SolaraGuy website takes no responsibility for items posted in the forum.

Guidelines for the For Sale Section

Guidelines for the For Sale Section

Postby michaels artic frost » Tue Oct 11, 2005 9:53 am

Yanks0114 wrote:You must post Location of the item in your description.

If you are providing a link to an ebay auction please write EBAY in the title

Do not start multiple threads if you have multiple things for sale

Please take all negotiations to email. Think of it from the sellers perspective, maybe he or she owes someone a favor or someone has helped them out alot so they would want to give them a better price, but if they list that price in the thread then they'll have to honor it for everyone. It makes life easier if you take all negotiations through Email or PM.


Please keep the For Sale section in this format if you plan on posting in the For Sale section. A descriptive subject line will help keep others from opening a post that they're not interested in.

Example of subject line: F/S or WTB or EBAY: Gen 2 TRD RSB $150
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Postby PhreakdOut » Mon Jan 15, 2007 10:04 am

Just to remind everyone since many have not viewed the original F/S guidelines message in a while.

All for sale threads MUST have the following:

1) Location of the Item (City and State)

2) A Price. (Duh! This is not EBay.) You MUST state if shipping is included and the method of shipment.

3) You MUST have a photo. (This is new. Sometimes peeps put items for sale while it's still installed on the car. After purchase, then they find out, oh it'll be a week before I can remove it. Come on, that's just wrong. Be honest up front.)

4) Listing an Item for Sale:
Please write you subject line per these guidelines:
- For Sale Items = F/S: ____________
- Want to Trade = WTT: ____________
- Want to Buy = WTB: ____________
- Link to EBay Sale = EBay: ____________

5) Listing in the Proper Thread:
- Items for Gen1 or Gen2 ONLY should go in their respective for sale threads.
- If your item can fit MANY vehicles, I recommend you place it in the most appropriate for your current ride. Send a PM to one of the moderators that you would like this post to show up in the other For Sale threads too. We can create a link in (for example) the Gen2 For Sale thread that will go back to the original thread in the Gen1 section. This will be easier for you to keep track of just one thread on an items for sale instead of multiple threads.

If your item is specific to a vehicle, if MUST be in the proper respective thread.

6) DO NOT DOUBLE POST YOUR ITEM FOR SALE! (I say this in caps because it is heavily enforced. You risk all of your F/S threads being deleted.) Follow the guidelines listed above.

Any infraction to the rules above will be given a warning posted in your thread. You will have 24 hours to correct. After that, Moderators can alter, move or delete your thread.

Additional Guidelines for Selling (Not rules enforced by SG)

-- Communication: Please respond quickly to buyer PMs and CHECK your thread often. If you will be too busy to do this, then hold off on selling your item. Good communication builds trust.

-- Dibs means nothing! Grow up. We're not fighting over the turkey leg at Thanksgiving. It is up to the seller to conduct an ethical sale. It should go to the buyer who PM's first. When you PM the seller, please post up in the thread "PM sent".

-- Payment: No one likes a debtor. If you commit to buying an item, pay for it IMMEDIATELY or make arrangements with the seller before the item is considered sold. Please don't treat sellers like the Lay-away counter at K-Mart.

-- Shipping: If you sell an item and receive all the funds, you are expected to ship in a reasonable amount of time. (Wouldn't you want to receive an item you paid for? Duh!)
Suggestion to make yourself out to be an awesome seller: Take lots of pics of the item first. Immediately box up the item for shipment and label the box what is inside. You can do this for lots of items you will sell. Get the necessary blank shipping labels from the post office or UPS so you can quickly fill it out and drop off the box. This makes life easy for you since the pain of packaging is already done and you can store parts without fear of them getting damaged. In the end the buyer is very impressed with you if your item is dropped off the within a short time after the sale. :wink:

Good luck with your sales or purchases. So far, I've had excellent experiences and deals on SolaraGuy. I would like to think we do a good job "taking care of our own members."

One more thing...

If you "Bump" your own FS thread more than ONCE A DAY - it will be locked! ;)
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